Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


Bradenton Preparatory Academy is a stimulating, international school community of learners, grounded in a culture of kindness, respect, and leadership that empowers students to embrace diversity, act ethically, and lead responsibly. 


As an exemplary international American School placing the best collaborative, qualified professionals before students, we aim to transcend barriers and boundaries to maximize student learning and make the educational experience memorable, and first quality in every way possible.


We believe in:

  • Fostering peace, justice and global understanding by encouraging students to become global citizens in our rapidly changing world;
  • Celebrating similarities, appreciating and respecting differences, and advocating for students of diverse global backgrounds and perspectives;
  • Inspiring learning and providing opportunities for success through an approach that recognizes the inherent capacity for growth;
  • Providing a wide range of opportunities for students;
  • Encouraging students to be active participants in their educational plan, explore their interests and strengths, develop their own distinct personalities and broaden their perspectives;
  • Granting students the opportunity to excel as individuals, while learning to work as members of a team;
  • Imparting quality education by building partnerships of trust, communication and partnership between the home and school.


  • We vigorously strive to achieve excellence in education within the limits of available resources.
  • We accept primary responsibility for attending to the intellectual and academic needs of each student.
  • We promote the desire for life-long learning in our students.
  • We prioritize the development of an outstanding teaching staff, well-balanced program and a safe and efficient physical plant to ensure student success.
  • We encourage self-expression within the limit of our school standards of personal conduct. All members of the community are expected to respect the rights of others and to acknowledge responsibility for their own actions.
  • We aim to develop a global perspective and promote international understanding.

Objective of Education

  • Critical and Creative Thinking
    Students will learn to question interpret and discriminate in order to develop logical, imaginative thinking. They will learn to explore, analyze, and evaluate information, use it in problem solving and then be challenged to articulate, revise, and defend their thinking.
  • Communication
    Student will learn to listen, speak, read, write and interpret effectively, as individuals and as members of cooperative groups. They will become aware of how culture, art, music, dance, drama, and sport serve as vehicles for self-expression and in extending communications.
  • Technical Integrations
    Students will develop an appreciation for the value, as well as the limitations of technology. They will learn to evaluate the environmental, cultural, and social impact of technological changes.
  • Personal and Social Values
    Students will develop personal skills including goal settings, self0discipline, self-motivation, organization and time management, which contribute to healthy self-esteem. In addition, students will be expected to extend consciousness beyond self in order to develop a healthy social value system based upon respect for others.
  • Global Awareness and Understanding
    Students will acquire a global perspective through cultural sensitivity, international appreciation and understanding. Students will develop an appreciation of the interdependent responsibility of nations and individuals in preserving the environment.
  • Independent Learning
    Students will be encouraged to engage themselves in their intellectual and social environments not only to enhance their school years, but also to establish a pattern of involvement and enquiry that will extend in to adult life.