KHDA Inspection Report

KHDA Inspection results are in, and BPA is rated ‘Good’…and on the road to outstanding!

GEMS Bradenton Preparatory Academy-Dubai, in Sports City, was inspected by KHDA/DSIB, January 2017. 

The overall quality of the education provided by the school is GOOD in all six of the framework performance indicators.
"A particular strength of BPA is the ethos of a positive learning environment with distinctive features and character of an American curriculum in an international setting!"

"The school analyzes and uses data increasingly well to monitor progress and set student targets for future learning!"

"The school’s record of outstanding protection and safety of students is enhanced further with the modifications to the infrastructure.  Students receive very good care and support!"

In promoting a culture of Innovation:

"Students use their own ideas to investigate the world through projects, interdisciplinary connects, real world problems and reflections in their learning." 

"Leadership at all levels supports, encourages, and values innovation, particularly when initiated and pursued by students!"

"In the areas of English, Mathematics, and Sciences, a large majority of students exceed curriculum standards and expectations!"

 Click here for the KHDA 2016-17 Report