Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Age Requirements

To meet the age requirements of the admission policy for Bradenton Prep Academy, a student must have turned the age listed next to the grade level by September 15th of the Academic Year.

BPA’s Admissions Policy requires that a Pre-KG student be 3 years of age on or before the first day of school as this allows students to be successful in this program. Students must also be potty trained before entering Pre-KG, KG1 or any grade level. In KG1, the federal authorities have said that we can accept applications from students who turn 4 on or before December 31st .  Each application will be assessed against BPAs entry requirements. Offers made, will be dependent on a student meeting these requirements and subject to seat availability.
              Grade                            Age (years)
Pre-KG 3
KG 1 4
KG 2 5
Grade 1 6
Grade 2 7
Grade 3 8
Grade 4 9
Grade 5 10
Grade 6 11
Grade 7 12
Grade 8 13
Grade 9 14
Grade 10 15
Grade 11 16
Grade 12 17


Grade Placement

Bradenton Prep Academy seeks to make the most appropriate grade placement for each student based on his or her age, as well as academic, social and emotional development within policy guidelines. For this reason, new students may be required to complete an appropriate level assessment to determine placement and fit.

Previous Schooling

All new students must provide official documentation of previous school experience, report card, and test scores. All documents provided must be in English. The school may request certification of translation from the Consulate of the country in which the student last attended to meet admission requirements.

Tuition Fee

Tuition and fees are payable in advance of attendance and are assessed in accordance with the fee structure established by GEMS. Tuition and fees are the primary source of the school’s operating budget and therefore prompt payment is necessary to ensure the continuing quality of the school’s programmes.

Payment of Fees

Registration fee of AED500 is due at the time of application.  This processing fee is non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-deductible.  Once confirmation of admission has been received, a one-time admission fee of AED5,500 (non-refundable, adjustable) will also be required to secure enrolment at Bradenton Prep Academy.

Tuition fee invoices are sent to the fee sponsor on record, two months prior to the start of the academic year.  Tuition payments can be paid in full, or are due on or before the 5th working day of August for Term 1, December for Term 2, and April for Term 3.  A penalty of 2% per month will be applied to the outstanding balances not paid by the required due date.

If a student joins in the school in the middle of a term, the tuition fee applicable will be prorated, based on the number of full (commencing from the week of joining) weeks remaining and unexpired in the term.

In addition to a 2% penalty on outstanding balances, failure to pay such fees may result in:

  • Loss of the student’s place in the school
  • Withholding of their school reports, references, and/or examination results
  • Temporary or permanent expulsion or exclusion from school

Payment Method

Payments of fees and tuition are to be paid by cheque or wire transfer directly to the school bank account. An instruction regarding the wire transfer process is located on the side column of this page.


Tuition fees, once paid, are non-refundable except when paid for a full year and a student is withdrawn prior to commencement of a term. Attendance for any portion of a term will preclude a refund of tuition fees. Tuition will be refunded only after the parent or guardian has submitted the request in writing to the school admissions office. Tuition refunds are provided to the original payee.

Please note, the registration fee and admission fee are non-refundable.

Student Withdrawals

All students withdrawing from the school must submit notification of their withdrawal in writing to the Registrar office.  A thirty (30) day notification period is required to ensure all necessary documents are ready.